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Self Help Motivation Through Hip Hop.


Even the most self-motivated person needs help finding inspiration at certain times. Well I have a few ways to help you get going.trey-songz-dive-in2

Watch A Trey Songz Video

            Mr. Steal Yo Girl never wears a fucking shirt, like ever. Anything with Trey Songz he shows up without a shirt and it will motivate you to workout. One time “Panty Wetter came on the TV and I immediately dropped my bacon cheeseburger(with extra hickory sauce) and immediately started doing ab workouts.


Listen To A Song By Diddy or Rick Ross

            It’s no secret that these two men make nothing but “Rich Nigga Music” and us regular people can’t relate to it but they can motivate you to improve your life. I listened to Big Homie by Diddy and he said “My doorman call me Sir Combs or Richard Drummond” Nigga my apartment complex doesn’t even have a doorman and if he did he wouldn’t know my name with my broke ass!! That line made me get my ass out of bed ad go do something with my life….I gotta get this money.


Look At Pictures Of The Gonzalez Twins

Screen Shot 2017-07-07 at 2.25.26 PM

Instagram: miss_dyl & misss_kota

          Ok, former UNLV basketball players turned Instagram models, Kota & Dylan Gonzlez are not considered Hip Hop but quite a few rappers thirst over them. So,  If you are having a slow day and you are content with not accomplishing nothing then you need to fire up the Instagram app. One time I did this and immediately went out and got my car washed, oil changed, read a book, got a haircut and had my barber go over my hairline with a razor. I was motivated to do better!!

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