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Fuck You Fridays: McDonalds Cheese Sticks

Mcdonalds. The world wide leader in heart attacks and lying to customers about the food they serve. So one lovely evening I am leaving from my brothers crib and its late but I want food. At this time only a few places like are open like IHOP, Waffle House and McDonalds are open. Since this late I’m trying to be economic I choose McDonalds. I pull up through the driveway and the nice young lady on the intercom mentions that they are now selling cheese sticks. And if you know me you know I love Cheese Sticks and these were at an affordable price at $1 for 3 sticks. So in my current state i thought it was one hell of a deal. 3 cheese sticks and a burger were more than enough for me at this time of the night. So i pull up to the drive-thru and ole’ girl hands me my food, We exchange pleasantries and I drive off. I then look in my bag because I want to tear into my cheese sticks. I open the container and I see this…..


First of all what the fuck is this? The sign clearly said 3 for $1 and these don’t even look like Cheese Sticks. They look like Fried Corn Dog Nuggets. WTF this is nothing like the God Damn sign I saw outside of the McDonalds.


This looks nothing like what was advertised. Plus, they taste like dried card board. And I know that with any problem you have you have to take some kind of responsibility. I should have known that real food does not look like it does on the commercials. And I definitely should have known that McDonalds food has no quality. But nope, I fell for it and thought I was getting 5 Star Cheese Sticks from McDonalds, which in hindsight sounds very silly. But for not giving me 3 cheese sticks in my deal and and not satisfying me I give McDonalds the biggest fuck you!

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