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Fuck You Fridays: Girl Meets World/Boy Meets World & Michael Jacobs

I know that most of you who know me can not believe who is on the block this week for Fuck You Fridays. Most of you know I have a weird obsession with Boy Meets World. The reason I am giving this “Eff You” out  is that Boy Meets World/Girl Meets World broke my heart on June 19th, a day that I will never forget. At the end of Boy Meets World, Shawn asks Angela’s father for her hand in marriage. But Angela’s father says he wants Angela to come to Europe with him since they never get to spend time together. And Shawn being the great guy he is, says nothing to Angela and she goes to Europe with her father. I have been waiting 15 years to find out what happened with Shawn and Angela with hope that they would be together when Girl Meets World aired or atleast find there way back to each other. But I was so so wrong. I learned that the show creator Michael Jacobs, the writers and the entire Girl Meets World/Boy Meets World staff doesn’t fuck with the true BMW fans. Watch this clip of the Shawn and Angela Reunion below to see what I am talking about.

Now if you are a real fan like me, you watched those two videos in complete horror. I actually threw my remote and laid out a profanity laced rant in my room. Seriously, what is this bullshit? I feel like what Angela did was some selfish shit. A single tear fell from my eye from this heart break.  There have only been 3 times I have watched a movie/television show and shed a tear. Those times was during “Killa Season” when Hell Rell and Cam’ron cried in their wife beaters, Little Thomas J’s funeral in “My Girl” and now this. This shit really hit home, I don’t want to live in a world where Shawn and Angela are not together. What the fuck Michael Jacobs? You showed the real fans that you don’t fuck with us. And thats why I am giving you, the GMW writers and everyone involved with this trash the biggest “Eff You” of all time!! I have not gotten a haircut or shaved my beard since seeing the episode. You hyped up the reunion making us think that they were getting back together and you do this? Now your going to force feed us that whack ass relationship between Shawn and Mayas mother? Nah I’m not watching this crap again.  Boy Meets World is now forever ruined because you decided to kill Shawn and Angela’s relationship.

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