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Biggest Coons In NBA History

The NBA is very successful company to say the least, it is full of amazing athletes who perform for 82 games a year. But like every company, they have had a few coons walk through there doors. This is why i present to you the biggest Coons in NBA history.




Gilbert Arenas – Wizards, Magic, Grizzlies

Also known as Agent Zero. You remember him? Unbelievable scorer, all around nice guy and coon. He was at the height of his stardom in the NBA, then officials found Guns in his locker at the Wizards Arena. he continued to show the Wizards Front Office that he didnt give zero hoots the next night by doing rapper(I use that loosely) Soulja Boys “Shootout” dance during warm ups.His career was never the same.




Kevin Garnett – Wolves, Celtics, Nets

Kevin Garnett is one of those guys you love if hes on your team but hate if he’s on the opposing team. hes a great player, trash talker and all around bad ass. Players constantly complain at how he constantly talks, most notably his incident with Knicks Star Carmelo Anthony where he told him that his wife La La Anthony taste like “Honey Nut Cheerios”. Oh yea, Garnett also went as far as punching Channing Frye in the balls to stop him from shooting a three point shot.



images (4)

Rasheed Wallace – Pistons, Celtics, Bullets, Knicks, Hawks

Sheed is an NBA Champion, 16 year vet and the NBA all time leader in technical fouls with 300. In 2003 he threatened a Referee at an arena loading dock after a home game.





Stephen Jackson – Spurs, Nets, Warriors, Hawks, Bobcats, Clippers

Not only did he drop a mixtape under the name $tack 5 but was also involved in the Pacers vs Pistons brawl at the Palace Of Auburn Hills in Detroit . He was also  seen outside of a club after a fight letting his 40 cal spit a few verses in the air.






Deshawn Stevenson – Wizards, Jazz, Hawks

The $5 bill tatted on his neck tells the whole story




download Metta-World-Peace4Metta-World-Peace-Ron-Artest-Elbow


The Artist formerly Known as Ron Artest

Im not sure what he calls himself these days , but he changed his name to Metta World Peace in the last few years of being in the NBA. He now plays basketball professionally in China and there is a report that he changed his name to “Pandas Friend” I really wish I could make shit like that up. Back to business though, Ron Artest had an interesting NBA Career to say the least. Ranging from being a major contributor for successful Pacers teams, winning the Defensive player of the year award, being Kobe Bryants “butt buddy” to fighting fans in Detroit, elbowing James Harden in the temple for no apparent reason and telling Kobe Bryant he was going to two piece him. Ron Artest is a very unique player and there was never a dull moment during his career.




mark-cuban-urinal-trophy-photo mccigartrophy_400x400

Mark Cuban, Mavericks Owner

You must be thinking “hes white or something, how is he a coon?” well this is a valuable lesson for you. You dont have to be black to be a coon. Just look at that picture! Its a bad ass photo though.


***I know there are more coons in the storied history if the NBA but I had to narrow the list down a little. If you have any suggestions on more coons that needed to be added to the list please email me****

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