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Fuck You Fridays: Fast Food Restaraunts by @LLSmooveJay


So I go to the fucking Burger King today, right? And I ordered a double Whopper and a Large fry because a nigga wont gonna spend extra on a drink in the meal if all I was gonna get was water. So I get my fries right, and I pull it out the bag to eat 2 or 3 before I head home and make sure they were hot like every black person does. When I pull these hoes out the bag and see the little cup they I start thinking to myself, “This bitch look a ‘lil short….”. And my bro pull his fries out his bag (mind you he got the regular meal) and it’s the same damn sized cup as mine! WTF BK!? If you’re gonna charge me extra to get a LARGE fry I expect it to be in a LARGE fucking container! Not the same sized container with a ‘lil extra fries in em.

Now I know what you’re all probably thinking, “This sounds like some angry black guy complaining about nothing and wanting reparations”. And you’re right. We as a people need to band together to overthrow the tyranny of Fast Food restaurant chains like BK and McDonalds. Which brings me to my next point; who the hell does McDonalds think they’re fooling charging extra for barbeque sauces and other condiments? The fuck is that about? I wouldn’t even be mad if it were a consistent and universal price for the sauces across the board.

For instance; at Zaxby’s they have a button on the register for extra condiments when you get them, I can respect that because at least I know I’m not getting ripped off.  To my knowledge there isn’t even a damn button on the register for the sauces, but try to put BS signs up saying that there will be an extra charge for sauces. With that being said I can’t respect that bullshit upcharge for the sauces. I mean honestly we all know what they bastards are trying to pull; charge a lil here and there and take home a lil extra at the end of the day.

I’m not one to knock a nigga hustle or anything, but at least be reasonable and smart with it. If I hit the dolla menu and get a McChicken and a McDouble and a small fry or Sweet Tea, why the hell would you charge 0.60 cent for a barbeque sauce? That’s almost another sandwich! Fuck outta here with that shit! I remember when they first started trying to pull this BS, they was saying 0.10 cents which is reasonable but I still won’t bouta pay it. At that point at least the price was cross the board for the most part, but every hustle got that dumb nigga that fuck it up for everybody. That one nigga got greedy and started charging people 0.25 and 0.42 cents and for whatever reason someone was ok with spending it for the sauces. I on the other hand refused to get hustled, especially when the person is sloppy and unreasonable with it.

Now back to Burger King for a sec, and every Fast Food place for that matter. Why are the healthier options more expensive? I mean it’s been shown that obesity is becoming a growing problem in America, why not make the healthier options the same price or cheaper than the stuff that’s shitty for your body? For example I have problem with the new “Satisfries” that BK is promoting. Why should I pay more for crinkle cut fries that are probably baked and have no salt or sea salt on them? I can go to my local store and make that shit myself. If you’re going to provide healthier options make them real and at a reasonable cost and quit trying to fuck us over for your profit. I hope we all can agree to boycott spending extra for shit we should be getting for free with our meals. With that being said this is mainly a big FUCK YOU to Burger King and McDonalds. Tighten up son.



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