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She Always Knows What She Wants. She Just May Not Want You

Some men look at women as if they are  these helpless confused beings. Maybe SOME are in a mental loop, as anyone can be. But women usually seem confused to US as men because WE don’t understand the complexity of their thorough process.

Woman looks great walking down the street. Man THINKS she wants to hear how great she looks from him. She does not. Not from HIM. She would only like to hear that from a man whom SHE is attracted to or is comfortable accepting that compliment from. When she doesn’t respond favorably to the man, he calls her stuck up. Why Because he doesn’t understand how she thinks.

Man meets woman and offers casual sex. Hes nice. Hes popular. She denies him. Yet she accepts casual sex from a not so attractive guy who might be older or has some crazy shit going on in his life, out of her circle. She sleeps with him casually. Why? Because she doesn’t want anything more from him. She gets to not feel anything and operate selfishly and totally in control of the situation.

It seems ass backwards to the man because he doesn’t realize that all of his good qualities make him far LESS desirable for random, casual sex. She knows herself and she knows she would want WAY more from one guy than the other. In order not to get played by developing emotions that go unreturned  she would rather have fun without feelings. *sigh* women are complicated but not impossible or unreasonable. They just speak a different language than us.

Be patient, Be observant. Remove your ego and the idea that you’re smarter than them. You’ll Learn.


And oh yea if you hit and then make her breakfast in the morning, yall go together! #Fact


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