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Natural Desire

Society had tainted us. Men have turned a natural instinctual desire to objectification. Women have become so offended that even this post will be seen by some as ” oh he’s of THOSE guys that probably would say Nice Tits in the street”. We deal with each other in extremes. Male entitlement makes us feel we HAVE to voice our opinion to a woman we don’t know about her body. I love Women. I make no apologies for being a man. I DO regret how man in this modern age in Western Culture have made our natural God given attraction misogynistic.

Call it Freudian if you want, but to see breast excites me. To see a womans pretty features and curves encourages a faster heart rate. And depending on my relationship with this woman the heart may send extra blood to certain places in my body as its innately thinking of sex and procreation.

It is only my mind that can control my actions from that point. Thats the place any of us fail. Being that I just woke up from a nap, seeing a womans curves excites me, I love to wake up to a beautiful woman. Invigorating to action.

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