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It All Comes Down To Chemistry

Trust. Connection. Chemistry. Variables in every unique relationship. One mans seemingly conservative Girlfriend could have an animalistic/fantasy roleplay connection with the delivery guy at her job. The chick whos pics you gawk over and leave comments like ” I would wife you” “you’re perfect” and all sorts of parched utterances has probably rubbed the dicks of a few athletes your going to watch later this week all over the same face you want to wake up next to. My point? NO JUDGEMENT!!! Women want to explore sexually just as much as we do. They require trust that they can “get like that” with you and your not gonna put it on worldstar, vine or instagram so you can get props from your homies. Or you wont put it on Facebook or Twitter after a breakup. They require connection and chemistry. You cant expect her to make a movie with you if SHE’S not suggesting it. Part of male entitlement is thinking women are here for OUR pleasure. Do YOU have abs or arms for her to grab on? If not maybe we don’t “turn her on”. The same way we look at a curvy woman, women looks at dudes who are in shape. Cant get mad if you don’t fit in her fantasy zone. Either way, my point is: the mystery of a woman is complex. If you want her to be a “bad girl” for YOU. It requires connection, trust, chemistry and you have to remember you might not be the first or last to bring certain shit out of her. DONT JUDGE! Trust:If you build it, she will cum!

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