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If Cory Matthews Fucked Up, Every Man Eventually Will(Video)



If Corey Matthews, the most straight and narrow guy can lie to a beautiful, intelligent, caring, nurturing woman like Topanga then every man is going to eventually fuck up in his relationship.

The Story

            The entire Senior Class went of John Adams High goes to the mountains for a ski trip. As they’re getting off the bus, Cory slips ad sprains his ankle. He is then looked after by a Hotel Clerk by the name of Lauren. Cory ends up staying up all night talking to Lauren after he tells Topanga he’s going to bed. Lauren gives Cory an intimate letter, which he drops and Topanga finds and of course reads it. Topanga asks Cory what happened, and like a dumb ass, Cory tells Topanga he likes her. Topanga tells Cory to go on a date with her ,and Cory agrees to do it. To sum it up, Lauren is a fucking home wrecker, and a whore. These next 3 videos depict the whole situation.




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