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If she cheats, LEAVE HER!

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This will go over a lot of your heads and others of you will fuck with this blog post in it’s entirety.  I really don’t care which category you happen to fall under, just internalize this for a second…

 ”All men cheat…”

 ”All men are dogs and will fuck you if you let them…”

 ”All men want is to chase pussy, get the pussy and find some new pussy to chase…”

Any of this sound familiar?  Probably because you know women personally who pollute our environment with such ignorance.  This post will not be one of playing the blame game or why it is men cheat.  I’ve seen enough of that shit and the answer to it is the most simplistic shit ever.  Men cheat because we can.  Now on to more pressing matters.


This post is about you women and those of you who partake in such slutty, inappropriate behavior.  First off, I’d like to begin by saying that men cheating and women cheating are two different things. *pauses for close minded reactions*….. I am in no way condoning or encouraging women to accept cheating or making it seem like it’s okay for men to cheat.  What I am saying is, when women go to cheat, it’s for different reasons and speaks much more to how she feels about you and the relationship, period.  And even more so about the kind of woman that she is.

Women are much more emotional human beings.  I could go into the science of it all but if you’ve ever penetrated the warm walls of vagina that belonged to a woman who loved you, you understand this already.


They are emotional in nature and therefore become much more attached to what they love.  So, think about what it says about woman who allows those same warm walls you penetrate, to be penetrated by another man.  I could already feel the anger in me trying to come out just typing that shit. But I digress.  It takes a real selfish, immoral ass whore to allow that to take place.  And if she does it, you have to leave immediately.  Don’t question why she did it, don’t worry about what you could’ve done to prevent it and you definitely don’t think about forgiving her in that moment, if ever.


A woman who cheats on you is the devil.  She doesn’t respect you or give a flying fuck about you.  Woman would say the same applies to men.  Not so fast ladies, you’re wrong as all shit.  When we cheat it isn’t even about you.  It’s not a direction reflection of how we feel, it’s all about us and our own bullshit.  It doesn’t make it right, but it does make it different.  9 times out of 10, we’re not getting emotionally involved.  It’s not even about the women we’re cheating with.  She could be one of a million other women in the world.  It’s only about us and our decision making.

Women however, grow attached to the man they’re cheating on you with.  In my opinion, she’s not putting herself in a position to look like a ho to him or anyone else if she doesn’t give a real fuck about the dude.  If she’s willing to sleep with him, knowing she’s sleeping with you, she cares about him.  Which at that point you might as well pack her shit and let her go.  Emotional cheating is much worse than the physical.  She’s sharing more than her body with him, she’s sharing herself.  She’s sharing her thoughts, feelings and probably hopes and dreams with him.  That’s her way of saying indirectly that he’s better than you and worthy of it all.  You have to leave her.


Hypothetically speaking, let’s say you’re able to get past the fact that she thought he was better and she shared her entire world with him.  Let’s say you’re just a different kind of man and you can forgive her for that.  You then have to forgive her for allowing another man in between her legs. Look man, I’m a strong and I can forgive just as much as the next man.  But that shit right there, I’m sorry, call me immature or whatever the fuck you want.  But that is just something that escapes me.  Love and prayer would be the only two things that could help me get past that.

A woman who cheats can never be trusted.  There’s something different about whether genetically or internally and you’ll never understand it.  We already can’t understand women.  Now imagine trying to understand a woman who doesn’t act like a woman should.  That’s some scary shit man.  I want that far away from me.


Moral of the story is, if she cheats on you, leave.  Chalk that shit up as a broken heart or whatever it is you need to do to sleep good at night.  But take that L and keep it moving.  Bad enough you have to worry fighting your own temptation.  You shouldn’t be having to worry about hers and if it’ll lead to another man gaiining the wifi codes to her vagina.  No sir man, leave that chick all by her lonesome.


1 Comment on If she cheats, LEAVE HER!

  1. Cheating doesn’t fall into any categories other than selfishness. This applies to men and women. No double standards.

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