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Fuck you Fridays

This is series is mainly for airing out your grievances against specific people or maybe an event. On the post of this new series I explain how much Brian McKnight and Vince McMahon have pissed me off.



First, FUCK YOU VINCE MCMAHON! You have finally lost your mind. Why is “The Big Red Monster” Kane wearing a suit. This is your worst idea since the XFL, and we all remember how terrible that piece of crap was. Are you trying to make people turn off there TV when RAW is on? Nobody is taking Kane in a suit seriously. After all these years us loyal fans have painfully watched John Cena dominate your company, hoping that you would present something fresh and new you go and do this.  I understand Kane is older and life is all about growing and evolving but fuck you Vince Mcmahon!



FUCK YOU BRIAN MCKNIGHT! A year ago I watched in pure horror and terror as Brian McKnight tarnished his legacy when he showed us a sneak peek of his new song “If Your ready to Learn” Now to someone who has not heard of this song your probably thinking “Whats wrong with the song, sounds like a beautiful song from Mr. McKnight” But #Nah it aint. Its a song about Brian McKnight being a dirty old man….you know being a pedophile and showing young girls how there downstairs plumbing works. Now before I show this nigga Brian Mcknight to the SLANDER Hilton Inn…I have to say it hurts me to do this i love this mans music. Anyways, as I watched in horror as Brian McKnight sang the hook, that goes like this ” Let me show you how your pussy works, since you didn’t bring it to me first. Let me show you how your pussy works I bet you didn’t know that it could squirt.” I have lots of things to show you If your Ready to Learn” As im watching this old man struggle unfold before my very own eyes all i can think is “Nah this cant be the same nigga who gave us such classics as: Never Felt This Way, Back At One, One Last Cry” I don’t think I’ve ever felt so betrayed in my life. Now I will say this, that was the smoothest song ive ever heard…until he sang the hook. This song showed that Brian McKnight is a creepy old man, you know the kind that tries to flirt with his younger female cousins and his nieces?  This nigga probably sits around in his sweat pants with no underwear and watches Willow Smith videos all day. This man is 42 years old why is he talking about showing a woman how her vagina works? The women that he should be involved with should already know how everything works down there. I bet he stays knee deep in a young girls Dms on Twitter. Come on grandpa leave that kind of talk to the young R&B dudes like Trey Songz, Chris Brown, The Dream or even Ms. Aubrey Graham(Drake). And do some age appropriate music like “Let me show you how this Viagra work. And the fact that you tried to play this song off as a joke when you came out with the comedy video for the song on after you figured out everybody hated the song proved that you fucked up……Even after all this slander, I still want to hear this Adult mixtape…

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