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Dehydrated Dungeon pt.1

These niggas are thirsty – Every woman ever

Yes my fellow men, yes this is what showing a woman a little interest has gotten us. A lot of genuine acts that were once seen as pleasant are now seen as being thirsty.

But some of you go a little too far,showing just how parched you are.

In the first installment of Dehydrated Dungeon we review a few examples.

When it comes to love or lust…this is just how the cookie crumbles in our era


This is thirst at an all time high. First he had to tell ol girl “dont judge me for what i’m about to tell you” So you know this man was parched. Follows it up with i’m not even trying to be your man, I want to be one of your hoes. And then wonders if her answer was a bad “wow”. He asked the question as if there was no way she could’ve lost all respect for him.

dehydrated 2


Homegirl told him she was not the least bit interested in dating or anything. Then acts like he respects her wishes and follows it up with a “Do you want to Hook Up” like that was going to be the ultimate “panty wetter” text. As you continue to read on you see exactly how crazy this dude is. Man, i really feel for you women.


Look at this, 5 grueling months of thirst in one text. You would think that this Parched Hooligan would’ve gotten the idea after February. But, nope….niggas are persistent.

*****If you have any submissions for the “Dehydrated Dungeons” send all screenshots to *****

And fellas I know we are not the only dehydrated beasts on the planet. We all have had a crazed,thirsty woman on our tails at one time or another like Idris Elba in “Obsessed” So lets even out the playing field! Send me your screenshots also from a woman for the Dehydrated Dungeon!

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