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This Is Why

Presented to you by this respectable, young lady who probably suffered a concussion…..This Is Why the phrase “Turn Up” has to die after the month of October.

We are “Turning Up” and making fools of ourselves(in her case turning up and tumbling down the steps)

And I’m only saying after October because a lot of you college students have your homecoming and have to attend homecomings at your friends schools. So that should give you enough time to get all that “Turn Up” out your system.

“This Is Why” the Eagles wont make the playoffs.

This N-Word Desean Jackson in this rap video dancing and rapping like he caught 500 passes last season en route to a Super Bowl victory.

On a side note I don’t understand why athletes try to be rappers and live that lifestyle. You make more money and you get just as many women, probably more. F*ck you Desean Jackson

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